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6am 25th of October 2015.
Canon FTB. Ilford 3200. 35mm.
I rarely put any of my photographs on here as I usually put them on my Flickr. But I got these back from the lab today and they made me rather happy.

2015 Got A Bit Odd

I just realised I haven’t actually posted anything since the summer of last year, which is ever so lazy of me as some strange things happened at the end of last year!

One of them was attending the Vivienne Westwood Mirror the World show. Long story, but I ended up on the front row.
The show speaks for itself so here are some pictures.


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Carnaby Street (Not what it used to be)

Last week I was invited to hang out at 15a Hanover St with Merc Clothing for a week helping out with odds & sods.

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Denim, Lee Jeans & My Favourite Dungarees!

It’s funny how an old photo can trigger a chain of events! Last week I indulged in a *hashtag-throw-back-thursday* of myself from my time at LCF in my dungarees.

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London Fashion Week February 2015

Fashion February this year was rather hectic than the last. Mind you, last year I had only just eased myself into the fashion world, so I wasn’t to submerged in it. This year was a different story! February 2015 marks a whole year of me being Archive Manger and my second invitation to LFW!


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