Carnaby Street (Not what it used to be)

Last week I was invited to hang out at 15a Hanover St with Merc Clothing for a week helping out with odds & sods.

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Jean Varon – There’s No ‘V’ In John Bates.

I recently was given a wonderful dress by my Nan that she found scrunched up in the bottom of a suitcase in the loft, wrapped up in a carrier bag that had started decomposing. Sweeping aside the flakes of plastic it revealed the most wonderful floral print…
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Denim, Lee Jeans & My Favourite Dungarees!

It’s funny how an old photo can trigger a chain of events! Last week I indulged in a *hashtag-throw-back-thursday* of myself from my time at LCF in my dungarees.

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London Fashion Week February 2015

Fashion February this year was rather hectic than the last. Mind you, last year I had only just eased myself into the fashion world, so I wasn’t to submerged in it. This year was a different story! February 2015 marks a whole year of me being Archive Manger and my second invitation to LFW!


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Milano 2015

Hello all!
I’ve been such a busy Bea over the past six months that I have barely had the time to blink let alone do a blog post. I wish I could say the same for February!

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