(I Am) Bea Dewhurst


I am a researcher and archivist specialising in vintage fashions and textiles and based in London. I have worked as archive manager for the worldwide vintage clothing store Beyond Retro, where I arranged for suitable fabrics and clothing samples from our wide range of vintage pieces to be assessed by an array designers. Other previous work also includes styling and working with respected fashion stylist Lotta Aspenberg.

My specialist period is pre WW2 up to late 1960s boutique and street fashions and I incorporate a lot of the looks and styles into my own daily dress and approach to fashion in general. I find this period of time as the most exciting and original in fashion design and textile advancement and many of the designs created during this 20-30 year tenure are still stalwarts in wardrobes throughout the globe today.

I am now freelancing with designers with design development, bringing vintage construction methods to modern day design. I am currently available for freelance work within the industry and believe that my expertise and enthusiasm will be beneficial to many companies and designers looking for keen attention to detail.

Alongside this, I am studying my BAHons in Textiles to help with my journey to become a garment tech.

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If you have issues with this form, please contact me directly at beadewhurst ‘at’ gmail.com (please replace ‘at’ with @)