An Ilford Gift From Lomography

Working on Newburgh Street certainly has it’s perks. The main one is that Lomography is located just across the street. I can’t deny that I’ve had to exert some serious self control… But when I saw on their Instagram that the disposable Ilford XP2 had landed in store, I made a beeline for them!72760022727600247276002372760020727600177276001672760015727600147276001372760012727600117276001072760009727600087276000772760006727600047276000372760002

The camera is all round great. It took me back to my first point and shoot from Boots (with polar bears & penguins on) that I got for my 5th birthday. I couldn’t get over how compact & light it was! The graphics are just printed on card & placed behind the plastic casing… You forget you’re holding something quite powerful – it really puts the fun back into photography!
I took a series of photos of our recent house move from North to South. In all the drama of moving, it got thrown in my bag and left to shoot on it’s own in there. I will say that’s the only only downside – no shutter lock, and it is rather sensitive. After nearly blinding myself as I went to find my purse I thought I would run iff the frames on the street. It happened to be the day of that 34 degree scorcher so some great light!

The camera has a total of 27 frames. The shutter is 1/100 and its a standard 30mm lens. The built in flash should go up to 10ft, however I recommend using natural light!

This and the HP5 Plus disposable are available at:
Lomogaphy London,  3 Newburgh St, London W1F 7RE