Morocco 2016

A few weeks ago we got on a plane to go see the sun in Agadir. We only stayed for a few days, and I came home wishing it had been longer. I forgot what my shadow actually looked like. The few days we were there, we actually managed to fit in so much!


Agadir is a costal city, and situated at the bottom of the Anti-Atlas mountains. Most of the city was destroyed due to an earth quake in the 60’s so the architecture is all over the place. Personally, that just adds to it’s character!
In true North African style, the streets are lined with cats and kittens… ALL of which I wanted to pop in my bag and bring home. Nothing is better than sitting down to dinner and hearing a little mew alongside the evening call for prayer.
Food wise, everything was amazing. As the country has such a varied climate, they can pretty much grow anything. The avocados I munched for lunch were locally sourced alongside the vegetables in the several tajine’s I consumed *forever hungry*.
We were lucky enough to get a ride into the Atlas mountains and eat lunch overlooking them. The drive was about 2 1/2 hours from our hotel, which was based close to the sea front. The space is so open up there, it’s deadly silent – not an echo to be heard.
If anyone is looking for a cheap off season holiday in the sun, I highly recommend. 000017000025000010000007000022000018000013000025000017000009000015000023000032000033000030000016000020000029000019000021000011000027000014000028000026000024
All of these photos were taken using my 35mm Canon FTB with a 200 iso film. You can see the whole collection on my Flickr. Click here for the full album.