Carnaby Street (Not what it used to be)

Last week I was invited to hang out at 15a Hanover St with Merc Clothing for a week helping out with odds & sods.

Merc are best known for the Carnaby Street store they occupied for decades. What many don’t know they are actually a heritage brand dating back to the late 1960’s.

On Carnaby St in 1967 Javid Alavin started a small market stall. The business grew quickly and moved into a unit on Ganton Street, finally to¬†settle in a shop back on Carnaby Street itself. Carnaby Street in the 60’s was the centre of the universe for many, and housed boutiques at the forefront of fashion breathing life and colour in to post-war Britain.

IMG_6779Carnaby street was one of the shopping centrals during the first Mod movement and it’s revival. During the 60’s many musical artists had accounts up and down the street, ensuring they were always ahed of the trend. These included the Rolling Stones, The Small Faces and The Who. Following on in the late 70’s as Two Tone took centre stage and the revival started the client list grew to include The Specials, Madness and The Jam.
IMG_6780Merc continued to expand their clientele list as Brit Pop hit in the mid 90’s, helping followers look back to the Mod basics of sports jackets, polos and button down shirts. Graham Coxon has been photographed several times over the years in Merc clobber including as recently as 2012.
IMG_6782Merc left Carnaby Street and moved into a full Ecomm store a few years ago, but still a crucial part of British heritage clothing. Still sticking to classic designs and cuts from the late 60’s whilst integrating new a fresh ideas for the new client.
IMG_6781If you want to feel & see the garments for yourself, there are many stores who stock them including House of Fraser. Or if you’re a buyer and looking into stocking new lines, you can arrange a viewing at the showroom by appointment only. If you’re lucky enough to have an invite to Jacket Required, you’ll be able to get your mitts on the new collection.
IMG_6785Thanks ever so much for having me… Till the next time!