Milano 2015

Hello all!
I’ve been such a busy Bea over the past six months that I have barely had the time to blink let alone do a blog post. I wish I could say the same for February!

With some thought, I decided to do a post on my weekend break to Milan! I’ve wanted to go away for such a long time… The last time I left the country was when my better half John went off to France to record the last Neils Children album, Dimly Lit. I popped over to see him for just 2 days but just my luck I caught a cold on the way over and spent the whole 48 hours sneezing and coughing. That’s another story. So a holiday! As I said I’ve been longing to get out of the city. London is my home, and the only place I’ve ever lived along with 4 generations of my family so please excuse me if I need a break once in a while! Luckily I found a super deal for Milan. Now I love Italy. I’ve only been once before but I instantly fell in love. I would say it was due to the fact I was once a Mod. It wasn’t…. It’s purely due to Pizza. We were staying in the North East of Milan, just round the corner from Repubblica Metro station (pretty central). We visited the Duomo cathedral and saw what is the largest stained glass window in Europe. It was breathtaking. I was a good tourist and paid my €2 so I could take photos inside! Unfortunately we were unable to go to the top of the Cathedral however, we were able to lurk about in the crypt! I’m a super goff so loved every second. John on the other hand wasn’t best pleased! I didn’t managed to see the Last Supper much to my distaste, however on the last day there we stumbled across a Da Vinci museum nestled next to the Duomo. In such a limited amount of time it wasn’t easy to relax and be the culture vulture that I am. I’m not too phased though as it gives me a reason to return!

I decided to take my 35mm Canon FTB & my 120 Diana F+. I decided against my 400D mainly due to the fact that we only had hand luggage… It felt so scary without a real back up! I have already posted these on my Flickr, but I thought it would be nice to pop them here with some words. Also, I have recently got a whole load of film developed, causing me to fall back in love with my cameras!

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