And Evening with Beyond Retro at the Hoxton Hotel

Last Monday I was lucky enough to spend the evening (a few hours) at the Hoxton Hotel. There I gave a small talk alongside other members from the team about the goings on at Beyond Retro.

At first the whole idea seemed a little bit daunting, but luckily we had the Amber Butchart on side with her expertise to guide us through the evening.

It was rather well attended and the crowd were fantastic, asking questions I never thought of being asked. Luckily I had some good answers.

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 19.28.36
Theres only this one photo of me which I had to steam from the lovely Naomi rowland who can be seen on the far right.

I gave a few tips on how to look after your vintage clothing. They are as follows;
1. If you want to wash your vintage garments, I recommend soaking them in the bath in COLD water with a Non-Bio powder.
2. If the garment starts to loose colour (this can happen with black clothes), pop a bit of salt in the bath. This will stop it running.
3. Leave items to dry naturally on a hanger. Avoid pegging items and stay far away from tumble dryers.
4.  Moths are evil. A good way to stop them getting at your natural fibres seal your smaller knits in sandwich bags with some moth balls or tobacco.
5. It’s conker season. Go out and start collecting them… Moths hate them! Put them in your draws how you would with moth balls.
If anyone has any questions about vintage care, please drop me a line!

Much Love
Bea x